About us

Mantsha Pheeha is pastor and teacher of the word of God. She is the author of a practical prayer book called: How to pray the Word of God; which is a helpful tool to help churches, families and individuals pray more effectively. Pastor Mantsha serves as an associate pastor and leader at Change Bible Church in Katlehong, South Africa under the leadership of Pastor Xola Nzo. Mantsha preaches in the body of Christ with an emphasis on the practical application of the Bible to every area of our lives. She preaches in churches, schools and companies globally, and she is involved in Bethany Shelter for Women and Children, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, Irene Presbyterian and many other organisations.

Mantsha has been involved in the youth ministry from an early age as a student leader. She was the president of the Christian Action Fellowship and she was involved in mission outreaches across Africa. Pastor Mantsha is the founding member and leader of a number of ministries including: Moyo wa Moyo Ladies’ Camp, Daddy’s Girlz Women’s Conference, Essence of Destiny, Pearls of Virtue Women’s Ministries and Eagles Ministry for Missions. Mantsha remains involved in the missions and outreach ministries, women and youth.

Mantsha is a Chemical Engineer and she holds a degree from the University of Witwatersrand. She also holds certificates in Infrastructure Delivery, Project Finance, Investments and Finance. She is an Executive in a Management Consulting Firm and has worked as a Chief Director in Treasury and as an Engineer in the Mining and Development Finance Industries. Mantsha has extensive experience in the corporate world as a professional. She is a senior leader and she is committed to mentoring younger professionals and students to ensure that we raise a healthy future generation. Mantsha is well read on finance and she is passionate about biblical principles on running personal and corporate finances. She is a budding entrepreneur and has interests in property.

Pastor Mantsha teaches openly and in a humorous manner on issues that affect society and which are often not discussed. She speaks on youth, vision, being single,  relationships, right living, finance, etc. She engages with her audience and her charismatic, simple and honest delivery tugs at the hearts of all. Mantsha is also a resident contributor to an innovation magazine called Nunnovation and writes articles on social issues and finances.