Moyo wa Moyo; which means Heart to Heart in the East African language of Swahili;  is all about assisting women to fulfil their God-given purpose before they depart from this earth. From 2009 to 2015 women from all walks of life have been gathering together to develop and implement VISION 2015.

Since 2009, every September, women have been meeting at the annual Moyo wa Moyo camp for at least 3 days to pray over their individual vision, to develop their visions with tools and templates, to encourage one another, to refill their empty vessels, to overcome fears and to listen to the direction that God wants them to take with their lives.

Moyo reminds every woman that she can be anything. There are no limits, no boundaries and nothing impossible. Moyo introduces each woman to  other women who are cheering for her, women who want you to be the best YOU that God created; women that are praying and believing with you for success and a purpose-filled life.

Moyo creates a platform for women to dream, to dream beyond their own ambition and to enter into the purpose and glory of God for their lives.  At Moyo wa Moyo we go to the most beautiful places in South Africa, but more than the surroundings, we gather the most amazing women together for a time of encouragement, fellowship, impartation and rejuvenation.

The camp is a place to dream and more accurately to allow God’s dream for your life to be manifest. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men what God will do and is already doing in our lives. In the six years that we have been at the camp we have received cars, houses, husbands, babies, businesses, ministries, social projects, jobs, degrees, health, etc. We look ahead to the next 6 years and we know God will do so much more!

Welcome to Moyo wa Moyo 2015 and remember this is the year we have been praying and believing God for. This is the year we have been calling at each and every camp. 2015 is the year we have been speaking to, we have been commanding 2015, telling it where to go and what to become. We have now entered into that year and we must keep holding onto our faith. Vision is not received in the natural but it is received by faith. By faith we are in 2015, by faith we are what God says we are in 2015.

This year we launch Vision 2025. The thought of the amazing women we shall be in the year 2025 makes me want to jump up for joy. Greatness is in us, we are the called of God and we speak to every day and every year and we command it to align to the word and the will of God for our lives. We are speaking and declaring the word of God into the future and we know that it shall be unto us according to the will of God. – The Organising Team