Slide 3As young we people often think time is on our side and that we will remain young forever. No one was born at 40 and even the 80 year-old was once a teenager. All of us who are young today will be old one day and we must make the right decisions today, decisions that will bless us 20 and 50 years from today. We decide today the kind of men and women we want to be. You may be a hot twenty something year old club hopping and drinking all the latest music video drinks and it may look harmless but you may be unconsciously deciding to become an alcoholic adult. Choose well who you want to become when you are older. Maybe you are a young guy who is always studying and you don’t have swag and you are not in anyone’s crew. But did you die? It may be lonely and difficult now but you are choosing today to be a successful businessman or academic.

As young people we need to make decisions about so many things and take a stand: Career, family, friends, studies, feelings, reality shows, celebrities, fashion, lifestyle, cars, etc. As we go through this journey together I pray that we may guide each other, that we may learn from the mistakes of those that have gone ahead of us. When you are young everything is magnified and your feelings are amplified. Don’t worry about it cause we were all there once.